Cogindo Solutions Inc. offers the following services to our customers.



  • PHP
  • Java
  • Kotlin
  • Rust
  • Node.JS
  • Python


We are the perfect partner for any web/software project, be it a small personal blog or a major web application. We have a wide range of knowledge and experience. If you already have a project that needs to be finalized, we can find and eliminate bugs as well as enhance existing projects.


We create websites of any type (Eg. fast, efficient, secure) based on your requirements and needs. We use Drupal, a modern Content management system, which enables you to quickly edit the content of your website without the help of any IT personnel. We also develop custom plugins and create a design that fits your requirements and needs.


You just need a blog to tell the world about the awesome things that you are doing? No problem, we are experts in setting up Wordpress blogs and finding/creating the right plugins to make your blog just perfect. We are also able to make your blog look like a website or create a custom design based on your requirements.

Web application

You need a custom web application to fit your workflows? Or you plan to develop a web application to sell it? We have successfully developed crowdfunding platforms, billing systems for call centers and yellow pages. We can build any custom web based tool that you need. We usually use Symfony, a very popular and secure PHP framework, as a base for our custom web applications. Or for more advanced products Kotlin or Java.



Already planned a complex project but need some estimates or advice? Require a project review by an external party? We provide a full featured consultancy. Before the project starts, we will evaluate its complexity and project planning. We will check if its goals are realistic and aid with estimating a realistic project timeline. Additionally, we perform security audits on web applications, suggest optimization ideas to improve your SEO rank, deliver optimization reports to make your website faster, quality check your coding to improve the stability.

Testing & Reporting

We provide testing for your existing projects in many areas (Eg. Website performance analysis, content reviews penetration testing). After testing, we will provide a report to explain the problems found as well as provide suggestions to resolve/eliminate the problems.

Implementation & Supervision

You have an ongoing project and need an independent party to monitor the progress and quality of the coding? You planned a project and need concept reviews or support for the project planning? We will help you with all your needs, like monitoring ongoing projects, doing code and quality reviews of third party software, planning projects and reviewing project plans.