Who we are

Cogindo Solutions Inc. was founded by Florian Krauthan in 2015 to continue the success of delivering next gen web applications to our clients. Florian started as a freelancer in 2008, working on projects like crowdfunding platform for movies, yellow pages website and billing tool for call centers. He also worked on a browser game called Flowergame with a couple of friends. Cogindo Solutions Inc. will take over the maintenance of this unique game.

What we do

We create amazing web projects that fit our customers needs in a fast, efficient and secure way. Our products are developed using up-to-date technologies that follow the current web trends in terms of security as well as usability. We also expand upon or finish up projects that you have started. If you just need advice for an upcoming project or an independent review of codes written by someone else, we are confident that our knowledge and experience will assist you with that.

What we use

If we start new projects we mainly use the following technologies for web applications:

For websites and blogs:

For native mobile apps:

In addition to that we are experienced in the use of the following technologies: